Wonder Woman

I was so happy when Olivia was finally chunky enough to fit into this Wonder Woman dress that Darrin had ordered a few months ago. I mean, how cool is Wonder Woman? Lassoing her way through life’s problems with strength and determination. I’m convinced that raising a confident woman means introducing Olivia to confident female role models as early as I can. And thanks to all the girl power in our family, Olivia has already been showing signs of her inner Wonder Woman. Just yesterday she furrowed her little peach-fuzz eyebrows as she reeeeached and streeeetched and rolled her chunky body onto her tummy to grab her precious set of teething keys and then, having successfully completed her mission, reeeeeached and streeetched and rolled her chunky body back onto her back, where she’s most happy. Of course, she confidently let out a couple bouts of baby gas during the whole process, but hey—I’m sure even Wonder Woman has to fart sometimes. The key, according to Olivia, is to do it confidently.

I think we all can learn from that. 😉

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