Who Knew?

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Today is THEE DAY, my friends. My last official day as a graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in English Literature. Tonight I’ll defend the thesis project that I’ve spent the past year preparing for and the last semester writing. The thesis that I began writing as I simultaneously discovered that Baby Beekman was growing inside me. The one that forced my pregnant self to stay up way past her 6pm bedtime to write and revise and flip through scans of old nineteenth century British periodicals. The thesis that could not have been written without a large box of Goldfish on my left and two bags of Starburst Jelly Beans on my right, not to mention that massive jar of pickles waiting to be devoured during my next writing “break.” Who knew that writing my thesis, the culmination of my graduate career thus far that has stretched my mental capacity, would coincide with the first trimester of my first pregnancy, which quite literally stretched and exhausted my physical capacity? But it happened. And for better or for worse, I’ll forever associate this master’s degree with Goldfish, nausea, and an overwhelming thankfulness.

So today is THEE DAY. And tonight, Thailand Island pizza from our favorite Psycho Suzi’s to celebrate! To all you who feel like you’re juggling far too many things: take a deep breath, buy yourself a candy bar (obviously you deserve it), and kick some major butt today. We got this!

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    Good Luck! <3

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