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Darrin and I crossed some sort of symbolic threshold in our marriage the other evening. We were at the grocery store, trying to determine what to bring to our friend’s dinner party, when we both looked at each other and said, “How about a vegetable tray?”

Now, I don’t mind a good vegetable tray now and then. But let’s be honest. The vegetable tray is the designated driver of the party trays. The one tray on the table that actually guilts the partiers into eating a few carrots…maybe a stick of celery. Because we all need to eat more vegetables, says the vegetable tray. While the tray of brownies and the nearby bag of chips responds, Who cares?! It’s a party, goll darned it! Worry about your vegetables later!

But we left the grocery store with the vegetable tray nonetheless, and we had ourselves a tiny quarter-life crisis. You know you’re getting older when you willingly choose the vegetable tray over the cookie or the brownie tray. Soon we’ll be ordering salads at burger joints or handing out toothbrushes on Halloween.

Things could be worse, I suppose. 😉

What I won’t be doing anytime soon is packing away my bright summer wardrobe colors. And this blush top from Banana Republic is currently on sale! I see you coming, Fall. But I’ve got a few more weeks before my bright pinks start turning to deep autumn maroons.

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  • Reply Chelsea's Collection August 12, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Love that perforated shirt! Those colors really compliment each other and look great on you!!

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