On Traditions (Or Our Lack Thereof)

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After much brainstorming, deliberation, and a two-person unanimous vote, Darrin and I have decided to celebrate our own Christmas this upcoming Monday, the day before we road trip ourselves down to Iowa for the rest of the week’s holiday celebrations. And because this year might very well be our last Christmas in our little Minneapolis apartment, I’ve been trying to brainstorm more meaningful traditions that we could start on Monday and continue every Christmas season with our future family that then they will pass down to their children and their children’s children and so on and so forth for all eternity amen.


I’ll admit that it’s a lot to brainstorm in one morning.

Do we spend the day first baking cookies like they do in all of those Martha Stewart magazines? Wearing matching aprons and getting perfectly placed flour on our faces all the while laughing about how fun baking can be! Especially in matching aprons! And then maybe we buy one of those elf dolls that I sort of find a bit creepy and spend the entire afternoon making up for the days and weeks we missed placing and posing him in strange places around the apartment. After that, we’ll possibly head downtown and wander the city looking for some place Christmas-y to ice skate or shop or eat or whatever until we’re tired of all this Christmas tradition-making and just want to head home and watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix for the rest of the night.

OR maybe we’ll just do the one little tradition we’ve started since moving to our Minneapolis apartment: Christmas fort night. Where we drag our mattress into the living room and spend the evening eating popcorn, giving gifts, and watching Christmas movies beside the tree. Which admittedly sounds a bit more relaxing than forcing a full day of random Christmas traditions. It’s funny how certain activities can be just plain old “activities” one year and “meaningful traditions” the next. Maybe THAT’S the secret behind forming the best Christmas traditions, Charlie Brown: to just let them happen.

Of course, that’s definitely the mentality I had when I bought this wool coat from American Eagle over Black Friday this year (it’s currently on sale, by the way). I added it to my online shopping cart and told the little voice questioning the necessity of the purchase in my head to just calm down…let the online order happen…


Also FYI: this coat is HEFTY, you guys, which in Minnesota translates to wonderfully warm. Bring on those bitter January temperatures!


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