To the Toys on the Nursery Room Floor: An Apology

I’m sure this wasn’t where you were hoping to spend your Friday. You were perfectly content, I know, nestled in the toy basket, hidden beneath a pile of other worthy toys. Who did I think I was? Grabbing you from your place next to the stuffed giraffe and musical elephant and placing you at the feet of this pudgy drool monster. Now you’re covered in drool, in spit-up from the morning’sΒ prunes, and you’ve beenΒ tossed then grabbed then tossed then grabbed then tossed then grabbed and my gosh the whip lash is almost just as painful as being thrown against the wall.

So I’m sorry that I happened to choose you– Rusty the Robot, Rubber Simba, Dumbo, Plastic Purple Hippo, and Pink Teething Rings 1 and 2–to pacify the drool monster today. Your bravery does not go unnoticed. Your sacrifice is honorable. And you sure helped give this mama’s lower back a break from carrying the drool monster around.

So thanks. And I promise to choose a different batch of toys next time. πŸ˜‰

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