To The Upper- and Lowercase

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I’m always telling myself during those big, uppercase “M” Moments in my life, this is IT, Gracie. THIS is one moment that you’ll never ever EVER forget. You know those kinds of Moments? The big trips, big presentations, big milestones in your family, your relationships, your job. The BIG things. The Moments that require capitalization because you just know that you’ll forever remember all of those actions and details and feels that you were feeling during that uppercase “M” Moment, and if only this Moment could somehow be bottled or canned or stored away in some sturdy piece of mental Tupperware because what an uppercase “M” Moment it was!

But I think that God has Himself a little laugh whenever I start rambling about how wonderful these uppercase “M” Moments can be. And they are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But the majority of my most treasured moments have tended to be those lowercase “m” moments. Those plain ol’ ordinary moments that don’t demand to be capitalized, and why would you anyways? The moment being just so normal and everyday and not important at all until it’s gone.

But I found myself having one of these lowercase “m” moments the other night. Darrin at the kitchen counter preparing our frozen pizza and moving all of the black olives to his side of the pie because the poor guy’s been married to me for far too long and knows without asking, while I finish reading an essay on nineteenth-century mystery novels as an apple scented candle makes the entire apartment smell like fall and thankfulness and home. Just another night of the same old. Eating frozen pizza and working on research and talking about everything and nothing. Asking myself, as my husband’s green eyes animate with another story, is this real life? And really hoping that I can somehow make this lowercase moment feel as big as an uppercase one.


  • Reply By The Shore, Life & Style September 16, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Couldn’t agree more those moments are the most perfect!! <3 And you look darling, hats & booties. Can't wait to rock them all fall long! xo

  • Reply Amber Shannon September 16, 2015 at 10:05 am

    You are just too cute! I love your evaluation of life’s moments. But a big moment for you, can certainly stand it’s ground, even if it really seems to simply be a little moment… so I love your outfit. It’s like fall in a nutshell. Like fall perfection. Love the shoes, love the top, love the cuff at the bottom of your denims. Great outfit!

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