Those Darn Dreams

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We’re nearly halfway through this pregnancy and my gosh have I been experiencing a whole lot of “new mom” freak out moments. Just in time for Mother’s Day, I suppose. Sure, I knew that obviously my body would be experiencing changes on the daily, but nobody told me about the dreams! The crazy vivid dreams that I’ve been having ever since we learned about Baby Beekman’s presence. During my first trimester, my dreams were usually strange adventure dreams…most often featuring a whale or a pod of whales: Darrin and Grace kayaking in the middle of the night only to encounter a massive and angry pod of orca whales; Grace swims with a massive humpback whale only to discover that the whale can fly; Darrin and Grace encounter a beached whale on Lake Superior and then go get ice cream…

If I was a psychologist, I’d probably connect this excessive whale imagery to my ever-expanding bump and conclude that these pregnancy changes are apparently weighing on my mind.

But I’m an English major who just happens to like whales. So we’ll stick with that.

Lately during this second trimester, my dreams have started to feature far too many horrible “new mom” scenarios. Like when I dreamed that I was leaning over Baby Beekman and somehow managed to trip and fall and land on top of baby, at which point my dream world decided to gift me with an eerily realistic SQUISH noise that I can still hear in my head. Or when Baby Beekman somehow managed to get a paint chip lodged in its throat right after delivery. Or how about the dream I had just the other night, when Baby Beekman and I were driving around some beach resort only to confronted by a group of robbers (all dressed in tuxedos) who wanted to steal my car?

These dreams, you guys. Describing them to Darrin before we get out of bed has become a new morning routine. I’m just waiting for the whales to make a second trimester appearance.

Any other mamas out there have strange pregnancy dreams that you still remember? I can’t be alone on this. Google says so.

Today we’re off to Iowa to cheer on my youngest sister as she graduates (graduates?!) from college! Hope you have a happy weekend!

Also, these pink blossoms, am I right?

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