The Madness is REAL.

Sometimes Gracefully Coach 1-1 Sometimes Gracefully Coach 1-4 Sometimes Gracefully Coach 1-3 Sometimes Gracefully Coach 1-5 Sometimes Gracefully Coach 1-2

This year marks the second year that I’ve filled out an NCAA tournament bracket but really the first year that I’ve found myself somewhat emotionally invested in the games. Now, don’t misunderstand me. Last year it took me about five total minutes to fill out my tournament bracket after ignoring the world of college basketball for the entirety of the season, and this year I beat my bracket completion time by two minutes (a new record!). I have yet to watch an entire game without falling asleep, and I still don’t know where the majority of the teams playing are located. But my gosh! I’ve been checking our extended family’s group bracket more often than I’d check a tray of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. And that’s saying something, my friends.

I had a great first day of the tournament. My three-minute bracket apparently included all the major upsets! The drama! The intrigue! But since that first day, I’ve slowly watched my ranking drop from first to fourth to sixth to tenth. I guess that’s what you get when you put all your eggs in the Stonybrook basket. And I’m positive that by the end of the tournament, my name will be lost somewhere in the abyss that is the bottom half of the table. Along with my pride.

I’m still doing better than Darrin…the poor guy’s bracket has been floundering at the bottom of the table like a turtle flipped over on its shell. And every time I double check to see my bracket ranking, I internally let out a maniacal laugh as I look at Darrin’s name…STILL anchoring last place.

But I don’t even watch the games! I shouldn’t care about this! WHY do I care about this?! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!

March is almost over, folks. Hopefully my sanity returns along with those warmer April temperatures….

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