The Ice Road

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And here they are! The second bunch of photos from our winter weekend in Bayfield. Photos that document and prove my bravery driving across a frozen Lake Superior. What is commonly known as “The Ice Road” is a two-mile drive from Bayfield, across (yes. ACROSS) Lake Superior, to Madeline Island. For most people, that two-mile drive is often a pleasant, almost calming, stress-free and scenic trip. For ME, the two-mile drive is two miles of ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh is the ice breaking? should we roll down our windows? ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh this is insane ohmygoshohmygosh I’m holding my breath. why am I holding my breath? ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.

Darrin found it all very amusing.

SG Bayfield 13 SG Bayfield 7 SG Bayfield 12 SG Bayfield 10 SG Bayfield 11 SG Bayfield 9 SG Bayfield 16

About one mile away from the island, Darrin parked the car and we ventured out onto the frozen lake together, hoping that our sturdy snow boots had just enough grip to keep us from windmill-slipping in the middle of the ice road. We wandered to spots that were cleared of snow (without slipping, might I add) and encountered a number of views into the frozen lake that were as clear as glass. Standing on a frozen Great Lake — a lake so large and expansive that it reminds you of the ocean — is utterly surreal.

However, I don’t recommend watching YouTube videos of cars falling through the ice before you decide to drive your car across Lake Superior…that miiiiight not have been the best way to pass my time while Darrin researched the ice road route in our hotel room. 😛

Oh well.

Happy Thursday!

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