The Aftermath

Olivia’s poops have changed both color and consistency since we’ve started solid foods and, having survived two diaper blowouts in a row yesterday, I feel like I’ve officially graduated from “new mom: fumbling to find herself” to “mom: still fumbling but confident.” Conquering two massive diapers that had me filling the bathtub not once but twice before noon had me seriously considering wine for lunch. And making my own “milestone” stickers that I could wear on my shirt (seriously. i think i deserve a “cleaned up a blowout without ruining my shirt” sticker…or even a “managed to dodge a massive urp with surprisingly quick reflexes” sticker). Poor girl spent three days working through milk, formula, and solid foods. And while we’re on this glamourous topic, I’m sure she’d appreciate me telling you about how purple and red her little face turns while she’s concentrating.

But if dealing with a mess for the entire morning means rosy cheeks, gummy smiles, and baby hands to my face all afternoon, then I suppose I can deal with one (even two) sprints from the changing table to the bathtub.

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