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The lazy lifestyle Darrin and I silently agreed to adopt for the past few days came to abrupt end when our garbage disposal decided to stop disposing garbage yesterday afternoon. The water would clog and the drain would gurgle and before we knew it we had a tiny fountain of murky water bubbling up into our faces. So we quickly shut off the garbage disposal, allowed the water to slowly drain, and watched far too many Youtube “how-to” videos about fixing a stubborn garbage disposal.

Darrin placed one of our nice mixing bowls beneath the PVC pipes (shout out to Pottery Barn!) and then proceeded to unscrew each pipe and scrape out the mush clinging to the sides as the excess water poured into the bowl. After the job was done and the garbage disposal gurgling as it should, Darrin turned to me from the floor of the kitchen and said with a proud smirk already forming on his face, “SO. Does your husband know how to Google these things or WHAT?!”

There you are, America. Your twenty-first century “handy-man.”

We spent the rest of our labor day trying to get back into our let’s-be-lazy routine but that darned garbage disposal motivated us to more productive activities. Like unclogging the shower drain, fixing my soap dispenser, and setting out our fall candles (praisethegoodLordforPumpkinSpiceAMEN). We had unclogged what we thought was uncloggable, and we made ourselves an entire sheet of double chocolate chip cookies for dinner because we goll darned deserved it. Or so we said.

I’ve decided that properly functioning garbage disposals and cute plaid dresses are good omens for a successful September. So from me to you, may your garbage disposals this fall remain unclogged, and if they should clog, may you find the motivation to ask Google how to fix it. 😉

Have a great day!

  • Dress: Ruche (currently sold out! similar here)
  • Shoes: Korease (old; such a fun and similar wedge!)
  • Bag: Similar


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