The Day After

IMG 1033 1024x682 The Day After IMG 1031 1024x682 The Day After Black Vest 1024x1024 The Day After IMG 1037 1024x671 The Day AfterAnd just like that, Christmas is over. The gifts are given, opened, and enjoyed. The anticipation builds and builds and soon your in your bed, wrapped in a fleece blanket, and thanking the Lord for an opportunity to sleep. I hope your holiday was both joyful and exhausting. That seems to be my combination of feelings every year!

Darrin and I traveled back home early on Christmas morning. We spent 6 hours jamming to a specially made Christmas playlist {crafted by the best redhead in town} while trying to make sure we didn’t hit a patch of ice and send our car into the snow bank. Waking up early on Christmas morning in order to hop in our car and drive through a mini-snowstorm didn’t seem very “festive”…so we found a picture of a Christmas tree on Darrin’s phone and kept that up as a little “Christmas car decor” while we drove through corn field after corn field. I like to think that our little cyber tree inspired us to drive efficiently and make it back successfully in time for my side’s Christmas party. Thanks, virtual tree.

I hope you find some time to relax today! Can’t wait to share pictures of our holiday adventure next week! icon smile The Day After

Have a happy Thursday!

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  • jennifer prod

    jealous of that hat- so cute! glad your christmas was happy and looking forward to all your photos from the celebration :)

  • Jamie

    My Christmas was definitely exciting and extremely exhausting! I hate when Christmas is over, but I’m also glad that all of the stress that comes with it is over! So glad you guys managed not to end in a snow bank & that you had a piece of Christmas with you on your travels ;)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

    • Grace Beekman

      I’m with ya, girl! The stress of Christmas is most often mixed with my anticipation …so once that’s over, it’s such a relief!

  • haley

    You look amazing in that hat–wish I had one!

    Colour Me Classic

  • Kimberley Pavao

    Seriously loving that hat!

    xoxo, KP

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  • Lauren amaryllis dawn

    What a fun hat! So adorable

    Amaryllis dawn

  • xavier salvat

    Nice Hat!!

    The Balmain Atelier

  • Grace Beekman

    You are definitely lucky! Christmas was so cold here in Minnesota! Now I’m ready for spring! ;)

  • PiecesofMyWorld by Dominika

    Yay I have almos similar hat :D By the way the first picture is amazing =)
    Pieces of my
    world by Dominika