Sunshine Girl (Also, Peace Out, March)

If sunshine and sixty degrees is any indication of what April is going to be like, then so long March! It’s been nice knowing yah and your temperamental weather patterns. I’m not one to judge, but it sure seems unhealthy to be all “wintery” one day and then “summery” the next. Livy girl is particularly fond of her fancy shades (see HERE), so we’re hoping that April brings us lots of sunshine in between her bouts of rain.

Olivia and I spent some time outside on a blanket the other day. She’s always a bit overwhelmed whenever we venture outside. I think the lack of four walls and a ceiling catch her off guard. She sat on the blanket and stared at the surrounding grass with the fiercest concentration, trying to figure out why there was so much and what it was supposed to do. The trees are also a bit suspicious. Sometimes they’ll move with the wind, but they spend most of their time just standing there. And when you’re an almost 6 month old who’s always on the move, stationary trees are sort of confusing.

But it sure was refreshing to spend part of the day outside in the sunshine. Livy chewed vigorously on one of her teething rings and stared down every aspect of nature while I began to calculate just how many bottles of sunscreen she’ll go through this summer. Between her and her dad, we might as well be the poster family for Banana Boat.

Nevertheless, we’re ready for you spring. And summer. And sunshine.

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