Sundays are the best.

Yes, I do realize that Sundays usher in the forever dreaded “Monday morning”…but it’s tough to blame Sunday for the work Monday brings, especially when it’s such a beautiful Sunday in the Minneapolis neighborhood. And this statute of Lucy from the “Peanuts” comics is just too darn cute.

MinneapolisDarrin and I went to college in small-town Iowa. Very small town Iowa. There was a Walmart, a Pizza Ranch, a Chinese restaurant, a Culver’s, and a McDonald’s {you can never escape McDonald’s…}. Those, at least, tended to be the main attractions. And I’m sure you’re wondering {among other things} why we chose to place ourselves for four years in the middle of nowhere and during a time that some argue and boldly claim to be “the best years of my life!” {insert fist pump and obnoxious grin}. Well…I’m not really sure myself. I’m a definite city girl…I love the hustle, the bustle, the shopping, the night life {if I can stay up, of course…I swear I’m an elderly woman when it comes to staying up late…New Year’s Eve is sometimes a real struggle…I digress…}. I even like the gleam of the buildings beneath the sun. That “Industrialist” kind of beauty that I’m sure the Minneapolis hipsters loathe. So, to find myself as a freshmen in college stuck in the middle of nowhere {sometimes literally “stuck”…as in no car and the nearest “city” is 45 minutes away} was such a culture shock. One extreme but beautiful culture shock.

That all being said, this little college town would shut down on Sundays. Completely. Doors locked. Shades drawn. I think the only place open was McDonald’s. Oh, and Walmart {of course}. Gas stations, restaurants, local bakeries, and the town’s one strip mall were all closed, and their parking lots were used as extra car space for the local churches. Our friends from the town also emphasized the importance of “Sunday dinners,” where entire families and church friends and college kids would head over to someone’s home {someone they were related to, knew, or had just met that Sunday} and share in a big dinner. This was the custom…the ritual of small town life that took me, a city girl from a family that was constantly on the “go,” some time getting used to. There were no quick stops at the mall {geez louise if I use one more “mall” example you’ll all think I lived a life similar to “Clueless”}, no pizza deliveries, or even a run to the gas station. Just a full day at home spent with friends and family. And I don’t mean “with” as in they were under the same roof but never spoke to each other during the day. It truly was a day spent with friends and family. In meaningful conversation.

And what a breath of fresh air it was! The town was so literally putting into practice a “day of rest” that I was truly able to understand the concept. And I soon began planning my work week and scheduling my to-do lists around Sundays, because I wanted to make sure my upcoming Sunday was filled with nothing but nothing. And those “nothing” Sundays were wonderful.

Darrin and I try to keep up that small town ritual, even though we like to believe we’re two regular city slickers living life in the fast lane. Having one day where there is nothing “pressing,” nothing that “must get done” in that 24 hour period, is incredibly good for us and has made Sunday such a special day {wow that sounds cliche but I’m telling ya, it’s the truth}.

Minneapolis Minneapolis

I hope your Sunday today is relaxing! And if it’s incredibly busy, hopefully you can find some small moments to breathe…if only just for a little bit. 🙂



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    I love Lucy!! Very cute indeed… 🙂

    • Reply August 11, 2013 at 5:03 pm

      Thank you! Lucy is definitely a favorite of mine! 🙂

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