Summer Sleeves and Lawn Chair Stories

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There comes a time, in every summer wardrobe, where the individual must decide whether or not to wear sleeves for a few of these final summer days. To sleeve or not to sleeve, my friends. That is both the question and the conundrum that’s been plaguing our lives over here in Minneapolis. And when I say “plaguing our lives,” I really mean just me {Darrin doesn’t dwell on sleeves}. And it’s been less of a plague and more of a is-it-fall-yet? mentality. This sheer top from Ruche pretty much solved my “should I wear sleeves in the summer” problem. It’s breezy, colorful, and has hints of lace. Yes, yes, and YES.

Top: Ruche; Dress: h&m {old; similar}; Heels: DSW
Top: Ruche; Dress: h&m {old; similar in burgundy}; Heels: DSW

Speaking of conundrums {what a strange word to repeat twice in one post…}, Darrin and I ran smack dab into one yesterday before our date night with work friends at a local baseball game. We were all packed and ready to tailgate with our bags of popcorn, bottles of beer, and positive attitudes, when we realized that we don’t own lawn chairs. Nor did we bring along a bottle opener. Luckily we remembered that old American proverb, “When in doubt, go to Target,” so we booked it to Old Reliable for cheap lawn chairs and an even cheaper bottle opener. There’s nothing like buying what you need literally 30 minutes before you need it. I’m sure “future us” will be stopping at Target for a baby crib while I’m going into labor.

Face palm.

Our night spent watching the St. Paul Saints and meeting new colleagues was so fun and relaxing, even though we somewhat embarrassingly forgot to tear off the Target tags from our recently {to the extreme} purchased lawn chairs. I don’t think anyone noticed…probably because Darrin and I played the whole situation very “mobster-cool.”

Chair tags? Eh? Eh? You tellin’ me we got tags on our lawn chairs? Eh? I don’t see no tags. Honey, do you see tags? We ain’t got tags. Whadaya think we just bawght these chairs?! Hey honey! Getta load o’dis!

I suppose the above statements could be read as a 1920’s mobster…or just as a tough Canadian…

I say we end this before things get out of hand.

Happy Thursday!


  • Reply Reanna Clark August 28, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    This is such an adorable out fit! Those shoes are magical! Just pretend the tags are accessories, people will be none the wiser.

  • Reply thosevintagethoughts . September 13, 2014 at 4:08 am

    Those shoes!!! I am very in love <3 This outfit is gorgeous! Kath x

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