Summer Scorcher in a Red Sundress

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We’re back! Back from our quick trip up to northern Minnesota, where the air was cool, the views were breathtaking, and the “need” to shower was non-existent. Our mini-vacation was all sorts of relaxing, and I can’t wait to recap our adventures next week!

One thing I did notice during our time up north was that my “walking” and “hiking” has started to look a bit more like “waddling” through the woods, and while baby sure has begun to pack on the pounds during the last few weeks (my lower back can attest to that reality), I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to fully embrace the pregnancy waddle. I mean, we’ve got this entire third trimester to push through (quite literally, if you catch my drift).

But baby, it seems, has other ideas. So! The pregnancy waddle is upon us, my friends. And it’s only going to get more pronounced going forward. Maybe I can convince Darrin to waddle with me whenever we need to get groceries or walk to the farmer’s market…we’ll call it his “sympathy waddle,” or something. 😉

We’re escaping the Twin Cities humidity once again this weekend for a quick trip to see family in windy Iowa. But we’ll be back, and I’m convinced that the best way to beat the scorching Minneapolis heat is to wear a maternity summer sundress in red that’s just as bold. So this one from Asos seemed appropriate. I’ve also linked to the non-maternity version, if you’re interested!

Have a happy weekend, and stay cool!


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