Staying Hydrated in Pregnancy: Infused Water

Infused Water Combinations

Word on the pregnancy street is that staying hydrated is an essential part of staying healthy throughout each trimester. Especially if you’ve been forced…I mean blessed to endure your third trimester of pregnancy during these hot and humid summer months. Baby B demands more than the required 8 glasses of water per day, but in all honesty, sipping those more than 8 glasses can get a bit boring after the first few. So I thought I’d share my favorite infused water recipes here on the blog! An easy way to flavor those more than 8 glasses without adding any artificial flavors or excess sugars.

Infused Waters SG-1 Infused Waters SG-2Infused Waters SG-3Infused Waters SG-4Infused Waters SG-5

I like infusing my water in my favorite glass mason jar from the Mason Bar Company. After pouring water over the ingredients (chop up as much or as little as you’d like), stir and then let it sit for 10-15 minutes. If you’re doing a full pitcher of water, let it sit overnight to allow the flavors to dissipate by morning!

I’m usually able to use my fruit combination 3 times before the ingredients start to taste bitter.

Here’s to a hydrated summer! And a hydrated baby!

Three Infused Water Favorites:

  1. Strawberry Cucumber with Basil Leaves
  2. Lemon Lime with Mint Leaves
  3. Strawberry Lemon


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  • Reply Kristin August 4, 2016 at 8:59 am

    These look great! I’m in my first trimester myself and one of the effects of morning sickness is that plain water started to taste disgusting to me, so I can only drink it with a little lemon in it. Excited to try these new combos, since I think I’m starting to get sick of the plain lemon now!

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