Sorry Not Sorry, Shakespeare.

Sometimes Gracefully Minnesota 2 Sometimes Gracefully Minnesota Sometimes Gracefully Minnesota 1 Sometimes Gracefully Minnesota 3

I’m thinking that every week night should involve dancing in the kitchen with your husband to an old iTunes playlist while your taco meat simmers on the stove and that paper that you’ve just got to finish before the weekend remains unwritten and waiting. Who cares about marriage and gender politics in Shakespeare’s plays when your husband wants to twirl you in front of the fridge? No one, I say. I’m pretty sure Shakespeare himself would have slapped me from the grave if he had heard I turned down a kitchen dance party to write a research paper. Don’t worry, Mr. Shakespeare. I made sure to ignore your fabulous plays. And I didn’t burn the taco meat. So high fives all around.

And this Minnesota shirt? A new favorite from good ol’ Primp Boutique. Well done, ladies. I’m all about showing a little love for the North. Especially when showing that love means wearing a comfy t-shirt. Obviously.

P.S. sun glares and spots on your face are SUPER “in” right now. FYI.

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  • Reply Eye See Euphoria March 12, 2015 at 6:30 am

    You look great and your hair is so full of life. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome day.

    Eye See Euphoria |

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