So Capes, You Guys.

Sometimes Gracefully Scarf-6 Sometimes Gracefully Scarf-2 Sometimes Gracefully Scarf-1 Sometimes Gracefully Scarf-4 Sometimes Gracefully Scarf-5 Sometimes Gracefully Scarf-3

I stopped by my old house over the weekend to visit my parents and raid my old closet for wardrobe pieces that seemed so eye roll emoji back in high school but are now giving off some major praise hands emoji vibes that just can’t be passed up.

And oh how millennial of me to speak in emojis. These things sometimes can’t be helped.

Tangent: Darrin discovered emojis on his phone the other night. “A Whole New World” from might as well have been playing in the background as I took him on a magic carpet ride of the cyber world, explaining how people use emojis in their text messages and emails. It was clear that he was definitely the Jasmine of the situation.

But I digress.

Back to my girlhood closet. Back to capes, you guys.

My mother brilliantly bought me a number of different capes during my high school days, and I wish I had a flux capacitor that could take me right on back to the early 2000s. My ignorant high school self would have been soooo much happier in the mornings if she knew that capes were really just fashionable blankets that make you appear “pulled together” even though you may or may not have literally rolled out of bed a mere ten minutes before.

Forget magic carpets. Let’s talk magic capes. 

And THEN! Target goes and sells these blanket scarves that are really just cheating. I mean seriously. The softness is SO REAL. And so is the struggle not to add more to my cart every time I find myself straying from whatever section of the store I actually NEED to browse. AKA the grocery section.

So if you’re debating about being either fashionable of comfy this Thanksgiving holiday, might I suggest the cape + blanket scarf combination? You’ll thank me once that turkey coma hits you riiiiight after your third helping of stuffing and fourth dinner roll.


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