Some Thoughts on Slowing Down

Olivia’s new spring jacket from Carters arrived in the mail last week, and after gushing over its obvious cuteness, we decided to break it in and head out for another golden hour walk. We timed our walk this time so that Olivia’s short nap before bedtime would take place in her stroller, and after a half hour of playing by the lake and being gently jostled by the bumpy terrain, she was asleep, turning our family outing into a little date night for mom and dad.

But before Olivia fell asleep in her stroller (with her shades on, of course), we made a stop along the lake to check out the view and, I guess, to stare oh so fiercely at the fascinating foliage covering the ground. Sure mom, the sun setting over the rippling waters is nice and all, but ohmygosh this dead grass is ahhhmazing watchmeputitinmymouthrealquick.

The little stinker.

So we played that fun little game called “Mom makes sure Olivia doesn’t cram Nature down her throat” for a while, but, as you might have guessed, that game sure does get old rather quickly, so we practiced standing as Olivia’s naptime drew closer.

If I had to guess, I’d bet that this girl walks before she crawls. She’ll usually let out a squeal of delight anytime she’s held in the standing position, and she’ll stomp her left foot over and over with excitement.

It’s like she’s trying so hard to grow up fast, now that she’s six months old, and all I can do is hold her little hands as she tries to balance, knowing that soon she won’t be needing them anymore. How wonderful and heartbreaking this motherhood thing can be. Which is why finding these moments to slow down should be required– a habit just as important as brushing your teeth or taking your vitamins.

If you’re having trouble standing, maybe its time you took a break. Slowed down for a bit. Sat down. You might discover some value and wonder in what looked like dead grass beneath you. Or you might catch a view you’ve never seen before. Or you may just be ready for a nap–a rest that you’ve sorely needed since three o’clock.

Well, that was Olivia’s train of thought, at least. Which seems like sound advice to me.

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