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Sometimes Gracefully

If you’re in the market for some summer dresses that you could wear to weddings, showers, date nights, beach days, or just in your sleep, then you should most definitely click on over to the Ruche website and do some major browsing. I bought this dress a week or two ago, and I practically had a paper chain link mentally crafted in my mind as I counted down the delivery days. Not only is the detailing gorgeous and summery, but the peachy color reminds me of the old Flintstones Push-Up Pops, which, when logically evaluated, were obviously the best summer ice cream treats.

But anyways.

Sometimes Gracefully

Sometimes Gracefully

Sometimes Gracefully

{Insert clever transition here} Darrin and I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 over the weekend, and I found myself not only trying to justify cutting my hair like Emma Stone’s {isn’t she awesome?!} but also being swept away by all of the lovey-dovey scenes between Emma and Spider-Man that make every little boy in the viewing audience groan and cringe and plaster their hands over their faces. Emma Stone and Spidey kept sharing that classic love-locked gaze throughout the film. You know the one I’m talking about? Where the two lovers are on opposite sides of a busy street, staring at each other as the world moves in a blurr between them? There was a lot of “world blurring” and love gazing” going on throughout the movie, and, because I was emotionally invested in the plot and the lovey-doveyness developing onscreen, I naturally started thinking about my redheaded hunk sitting next to me and the “gazes” that we often share, and I came up with a short “gaze list.”

Sometimes Gracefully

Sometimes Gracefully

Sometimes Gracefully

Sometimes Gracefully

While Darebear and I share a number of romantic-movie gazes {I mean, we are in loooove and all that}, we also share a number of other gazes that I have named below:

  1. The “I’m Ready To Leave This Party” Gaze: Sometimes, the blurry bustle happening between me and Darrin as we gaze at each other is not that of a busy street or the hum-drum movements of everyday life. It’s an obnoxious or boring party that we’re both ready to ditch. From across the room, I look at Darebear. Darebear looks at me. We nod. And then we’re outta there.
  2. The “We Let The Vegetables Go Bad In The Fridge Again” Gaze: Darrin and I have this knack, this talent, for letting our food in the fridge spoil. We never buy the right amount of milk at the grocery store because we either go through the carton too quickly {leaving us without any milk when we need it} or we hardly drink any at all. Last week, I went to find something  for lunch in the fridge, discovered that our entire bundle of asparagus was looking extremely floppy, so I cooked the entire bundle over the stove {with a whole lot of butter and garlic salt} and forced myself to eat as much asparagus as my stomach could manage. Yikes, right? So now, when Darrin opens the fridge to find our milk expired or our cheese is moldy, he looks at me. I look at him. And we both just siiiigh. 
  3. The “What the Heck/H*** Was That?!” Gaze: This gaze is most often shared whenever there’s a startling noise, a strange encounter, or an obnoxious individual disturbing our normal routine. Somebody in the apartment above us will drop an extremely large object that we’ll hear shatter across the floor, and we’ll both look up from our textbooks to make sure the other person heard the noise and share a “What in the?” gaze. It’s oh so romantic.
  4. The “We’re Ordering Pizza For Dinner Tonight” Gaze: Darrin loves this gaze. It’s often prompted by a long and tiring workday. He’ll come home from work, look at me from the kitchen, pause for a moment, then raise his eyebrows and say “Soooo…are you calling or should I?”.
  5. The “I’m Glad You’re You” Gaze: I don’t think this one needs much explanation. When your husband, eating the soggy buffalo chicken pizza you tried to make but didn’t bake long {or hot} enough, looks at you from across the dinner table, laughs, and smiles, you just know. 

I don’t know about you all, but I’m thinking that Hollywood needs to update their list of romantic gazes. One “lovey-dovey” look seems pretty boring to me. And I know for a fact that the “We’re Ordering Pizza For Dinner Tonight” Gaze is pretty goll darn romantic. 🙂

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    LOVE the detail on that dress!!

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    Such a sweet look! Your hair, that dress, the mega wattage smile…this post just screams summer! So cute!


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    You look beautiful! Love the dress!
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