A Rediscovery + the Amana Shops

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When Minnesotans hear a weather forecast of “35 degrees and sunny,” what they really hear is permission to abandon their winter jackets and opt for a bulky sweater because my GOSH it’s practically 40 degrees! In February! Thank you, Mr. Groundhog!

Life has become busy and complicated for us over here in Minneapolis. But the “good” kind of busy and the “good” kind of complicated. We’re making progress in our designated research projects; we’ve become better at budgeting our time and our finances; heck, we even did the laundry and added new soap to the bathroom’s empty soap dispenser before we started kidding ourselves about whether or not our hands were adequately washed (be honest. we’ve all been there).

Work. Budgeting. Clean Clothes. Fresh Soap.

Grace’s secret recipe for attaining adulthood.

But before we get too far ahead of our responsible selves, I should admit that Darrin and I recently rediscovered fruit snacks the other night. Darrin took the yoke of grocery shopping upon his shoulders and came home with a box of Batman fruit snacks, along with two boxes of Batman vs. Superman cereal, and a tray of E.L. Fudge double stuffed chocolate cookies.

I mean, fruit snacks! How could I have strayed from fruit snacks for so long? The gummy consistency…the artificial flavoring…the knowledge of consuming a whole lot of unnecessary sugars without concern because look! this one is shaped like Batman!

I’ve already consumed three fruit snack packs, and this blog post isn’t even over.

Maybe that’s my cue.

I have been recently wearing my responsible, non-Netflix-binge-watching, adult pants. I suppose I should put the box of fruit snacks away, grab an apple, and start writing my Masters Essay.

Maaaybe after just one more fruit snack. 😉

On a different note, have you all heard of the Amana Shops? Based in Iowa, they sell handcrafted apparel, home goods, meats, wood furniture…they sent me this beautiful wool scarf the other day that has been making these chilly days (despite that springtime 35 degrees 😉 ) more bearable. Be sure to browse their site! They’ve got some beautiful products, and I love knowing the strong Iowa community producing them!


  • Reply Liz @ California2Catalonia February 18, 2016 at 3:37 am

    You are so cute, Grace! It’s been too long – I hope you and Darren are doing well! I mean, you have fruit snacks back in your life now and clean clothes and soap, so I assume things couldn’t be better ;).

    • Reply Grace March 7, 2016 at 12:16 pm

      Liz! Things are going well! Busy! Almost done with my masters and SO ready for warmer weather. I hope you’re enjoying your adventures in SPAIN! 🙂

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