Raising a Confident Daughter

Mom & Baby - Raising a Confident Daughter

I was so happy when Olivia was finally chunky enough to fit into this Wonder Woman dress that Darrin had ordered a few months ago. I mean, how cool is Wonder Woman? Lassoing her way through life’s problems with strength and determination.

I’m convinced that raising a confident woman means introducing Olivia to confident female role models as early as I can. And thanks to all the girl power in our family, Olivia has already been showing signs of her inner Wonder Woman.

Just yesterday she furrowed her little peach-fuzz eyebrows as she reeeeached and streeeetched and rolled her chunky body onto her tummy to grab her precious set of teething keys and then, having successfully completed her mission, reeeeeached and streeetched and rolled her chunky body back onto her back, where she’s most happy.

Of course, I sincerely hope that my style of mothering encourages Olivia to grow into a confident woman. I’m no expert when it comes to child development, but there are a few decisions that I’ve made when it comes to raising a confident daughter:

  1. To Voice My Belief in Her: I may know that I believe in her, but I also want to make sure that I tell her on a daily basis. She’s going to succeed and fail a number of times throughout her life, and I want her to know that I believe in her ability to celebrate those successes and overcome those failures. Hopefully the more she hears that from me, the more she’ll believe in herself throughout her life.
  2. To Encourage Adventure and Exploration: I want her to be able to test her strengths and know her limits so that she can be confident in her capabilities. Rather than constantly schedule one activity after another during her playtime, I want her imagination and sense of adventure to grow as she races around trees, plays in the rain, or collects rocks. Getting Olivia outside and letting her explore the world around her, even now, is a decision that I hope continues to build her confidence.
  3. To Help Fight Her Fear of Failure: Exploring and adventuring through this world inevitably means that there will be moments when she’ll fall down. I’ll help her get back up, but she will probably fall down again. But I don’t want her fear of falling or failure determine where she explores or what she does in life. I’m going to do my best to fight that fear with encouragement.
  4. To Keep My Own Self-Image in Check: I want positive self-talk and self-image to be “the norm” in our family. Olivia will never feel completely confident in herself and her beauty if she’s constantly hearing me put down how I look or dress or feel. I want my daughter to love her whole body, which means that I need to model that kind of love for myself.
  5. To Remind Her Whose She Is: If my daughter learns anything from me during our life together, I hope that she learns that her intrinsic value comes from the God who loves her without conditions or strings attached. Who wants to use her to spread love throughout this world in creative and exciting ways. Having confidence in that truth will no doubt help her as she gains confidence in other areas.

Raising a confident daughter can be tough in this world, which is why making daily decisions to help cultivate that confidence is so important. Here’s to raising a whole generation of Wonder Women who love others, love themselves, and feel confident in who they are.

To all the girl moms (AND boy moms) out there: what sort of things do you do to help instill confidence within your kids? I’d love to hear them and add them to my list!

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