Preparing for Baby


We’ve reached 37 weeks over here and this baby girl has officially dropped, according to our midwife. And not only has she dropped and nestled her head riiiiiight into my pelvic bone (feels “great,” if you were wondering) but she’s also measuring like a champ at 38 rather than 37 weeks. So we’re saying HELLO! to progress and some deep pelvic tenderness in these final weeks. And with baby girl on the move, I thought that now is probably a good time to start packing up our hospital bag with all the necessities we’ll need. Darrin, being the already responsible father that he is, has reminded me for weeks to start gathering together things we’d like to bring to the hospital. But there’s no epiphany quite like an epiphany on a hospital bed with your shirt pulled up and your rotund stomach sticking out past your nose. Hearing “I think she’s dropped a bit!” can really spring a pregnant woman into action.

So I started packing yesterday, and I’m positive that I’ve packed far too many onesies and “going-home” outfits that all the Pinterest lists tell me I should pack. But baby girl has gotta have options, right? I’m sure newborns love options. Obviously that’s why women are encouraged to breastfeed with both nipples. OPTIONS, folks.

[I’m kidding. Sort of.]

Really I’m trying to justify bringing Baby B’s entire wardrobe to the hospital for our short 48 hour stay. What if she prefers to poop in her polka-dot onesie rather than her pink sleeping gown? How many pairs of cute and adorable baby socks are “too many”? Baby girl has yet to arrive in this world and she’s already taking over Darrin’s side of the duffle bag. Poor guy.

We’ll be adding the finishing touches to her nursery over the next few days, and if this pregnancy has taught me anything about myself, its revealed an apparent love I have for cute stuffed bunny rabbits. Baby girl already has THREE. And they are darned cute sitting all floppy-like on her little bookshelves. I sit in the rocking chair while Darrin assembles the changing table…the crib…her baby swing. It’s a tough job, rocking myself to sleep while Darrin tries to read through pages of unintelligible assembly instructions, but hey! Somebody’s got to do it. 😉

Only 3 weeks to go!

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  • Reply Courtney September 12, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    You’re so close! I remember 37 weeks…the back and hip pain is no joke! Good luck as you get closer to your due date. Try to take it all in…it goes way too fast!

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