Pre-Snow Photos. Post-Snow Content.

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A happy post-Thanksgiving to you and yours! These photos were taken earlier this week, before Minnesota decided to bless us with a Thanksgiving miracle and finally SNOW (yes! snow!) on Thanksgiving day. And believe me when I tell you that I’ve seen far too many episodes of Gilmore Girls and reruns of A Charlie Brown Christmas to not love the season’s first snowfall. I nearly smashed my face against our apartment windows watching the snowflakes swirl over the Mississippi. The power of the snowfall was so intense that Darrin and I neglected the Black Friday shopping we had planned and spent the day putting up the tree, sipping hot chocolate, crooning to our Christmas Pandora station, and inhaling my cinnamon/sugar cookie/pine/vanilla/peppermint etc. holiday candles that I decided to burn all afternoon. Allllll at once.

Tis the season, ya know??

[Yes. We did open our windows after about 10 minutes.]

I hope your own Thanksgiving was filled with thankfulness and that uncomfortable FULLness that most often accompanies a second helping of mashed potatoes. Happy long weekend! And may your leftovers last longer than you think!

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