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What with our graduate school careers coming to an end within the next year or two, I’ve been talking and dreaming and babbling to Darrin about that ominous and exciting thing called “the Future” and where we might see ourselves. After admiring this lush patch of vines growing along the side of a nearby building, I told Darrin that I wouldn’t mind one day living in a home overcome with vines. Maybe it’s my appreciation for a charming backdrop, or maybe it’s my love for those picturesque English cottages. You know the ones: a quaint little cottage adorned with vines and tucked behind a colorful and ever-blossoming array of flowers and plants. Total charm.

Darrin stared at the vines behind me and said, “You know those vines are literally ripping apart the stone, right? You want to watch our future home be torn apart on a daily basis?”

Let it be known, Darrin does not love vines. Nor does he think the picturesque is very practical. Which, I’ll admit, is somewhat of a relief. I doubt I’d be able to keep my “charming English garden” alive for very long.

But speaking of practicality, this soft sweater from Banana Republic is a perfect piece for transitioning into Fall. And it’s currently on sale. And it comes in three other colors. And it doesn’t itch one bit. Need I say more.

[No. I need not.]

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  • Reply Kristin August 6, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Love this outfit! Such a good way to transition into cooler weather

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