To Paris! Day Three!

Sometimes Gracefully ParisParisParisSometimes Gracefully Paris

Our little jaunt across the pond was short, but I was so thankful that Darebear and I spent at least one extra day in Paris. Racing around with the Swedish cameramen was incredibly fun, but I was so exhausted afterwards! You wouldn’t think that eating an obnoxiously “American” amount of pastries and being amazed by one beautiful building after another would be so darn exhausting, but it is, my friends. I should have packed some Red Bull and a whole lot of Fun Dip. Remember Fun Dip? That stuff will give you a buzz for sure.

I obviously digress.

Sometimes Gracefully Paris501ParisSometimes Gracefully Paris

Darrin and I spent our personal day in Paris wandering absolutely nowhere and doing absolutely nothing. And it was good. I suppose it’s a bit of an exaggeration to claim that we didn’t do anything. We did leave our hotel room and walked through the city. We shopped along the river, searching for the perfect painting to bring home from a local vendor. That’s kind of been our “thing” lately. Travel together; bring home a painting. I’m hoping to have a wall in our future home that holds all of the paintings we bring home from the places we’ve visited. Such a fun memory, ya know?

Sometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisParisSometimes Gracefully Paris

After doing a little street shopping, Darrin and I wandered back to Notre Dame for a closer look at that beautiful cathedral. I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t humming a few songs from the Disney movie while we walked around the cathedral. I did read the book by Victor Hugo, so my light-hearted Disney songs were complimented by the very different story of Notre Dame presented in that novel.  It was so amazing to see that cathedral. I was practically drooling with awe and amazement. I mean, seriously. The detail and design completely jostles my mind.

Sometimes Gracefully Paris Sometimes Gracefully Paris Sometimes Gracefully Paris

Darebear and I got a little sappy and romantic on our personal day. We went back to a street vendor and bought a little lock to lock onto the Pont de l’Archeveche. Darrin made sure that we locked our lock directly onto the bridge rather than onto another couple’s lock. He claimed that locking it directly onto the bridge makes our lock much more “legit,” so he found a spot right beneath the railing. We locked our lock, kissed the keys, and then tossed them into the Seine. It was romantic and corny and as sappy as a teenage girl’s diary, but I loved every second of it, and Darrin did too. 🙂

Sometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully Paris

We wandered back to the Louvre in the afternoon before our dinner reservations at le Café Marley, a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the park. We sat in the park, talked about the crazy blessing that this trip was for the both of us, listened to the different languages and conversations taking place in the park, watched a group of guys play a pick-up game of soccer, and just relaxed. I know that we could have gone to see so many different places throughout the city and could have visited lots of different museums and galleries, but we needed a break. And the park within the Louvre provided the perfect place for us to sit on the grass, watch the sun set, and talk. If I had to choose my favorite moment of the trip, I’d say that the time I spent with Darrin simply lounging in the park, staring at the Louvre and at the sky, was definitely a favorite moment.

Sometimes Gracefully ParisSometimes Gracefully Paris

We took a taxi back to our hotel, shared a bottle of wine at the hotel bar {along with some fabulous complimentary crackers and olives….we’re cheap, I know}, and then took off for home the next day! It was such an amazing trip and such a fun time meeting new people, trying out a new language, and sharing another new memory with that handsome best friend of mine with red hair.

Thanks for putting up with all my Paris pictures! It’s so hard not to capture the city when you’re visiting! Darrin has already decided that we’ll be back one day soon, sitting at the park eating chocolate éclairs. Until next time, Paris! 🙂

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!



  • Reply jennifer prod April 27, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    of all your days in paris, this one sounds the most lovely – i would definitely have been humming the note dame tune while at the cathedral, and now i’m pretty positive that i need to make my own adventure to add a lock to that bridge. wouldn’t it be cool if we a love lock bridge somewhere in mpls?

  • Reply Chelsea Lauren May 7, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Oh my goodness, I am beyond jealous!
    These pictures are taking me right back to Paris… the lock bridge! Ah.

    I actually just sent in my application to study abroad in Paris this fall, crossing my fingers!

    Super cute blog, lady! xx


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