Our Weekend in Wisconsin

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We’re back! We spent the past weekend away with family near Baraboo, Wisconsin, and I feel like Time did the unthinkable and actually stopped for the few days that we spent in our tiny cabin in the woods. Our tiny cabin with wood floors sprinkled with the sand and dirt we kept tracking inside. Our tiny cabin that creaked beneath every step and offered us a cozy safe-haven from the bugs and humidity and the almost-eerie darkness of the surrounding trees. We had crappy cell-phone reception, nearly inaccessible wifi, nothing too pressing on our schedules, and it was absolutely marvelous.

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On Saturday, we took an afternoon hike through Devil’s Lake State Park. Our group followed the rocky trail, lost the trail, meandered down what probably was not a trail, and then (thankfully) found the trail again. You’d think we would have been exhausted after what proved to be an adventurous hike, but Darrin and I played a pickup soccer game in the yard outside our cabin, and we later organized what proved to be an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee before the sun set. It’s tough to play Ultimate Frisbee without running. And unattractively sweating. And praying that your Frisbee toss doesn’t accidentally smack some random stranger in the face. We went to bed feeling like active millennials and woke up painfully feeling a whole lot of muscle groups we didn’t know existed. As we say in Minnesota, “Uffda.”

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We spent each night gathered around a bonfire, roasting s’mores and telling family stories. Family getaways, even quick weekend getaways, can sometimes refresh the heart like a tall glass of lemonade on the hottest of summer days. So thanks for the memories, Wisconsin. I may not support your sports teams, but I can sure support your lazy weekends and beautiful hiking views.

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  • Reply Tanya August 17, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Wonderful photos! It looks like you had a lovely weekend.


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