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There are some winter shopping days that demand that I try on almost every single item that I’ve got balancing ever so precariously on my forearm while I wander around the store. I’ll inch my way past pretty displays and crowded corners while wearing my heavy winter jacket that makes me both sweat indoors and transforms me into that one elephant/gorilla/any kind of large animal trying to navigate her way through a china shop. I’ll finally discover that one dress that would work perfectly for that one event that I’m convincing myself demands that I buy something new {of course it would DUH}, but I’ll start feeling too sticky and sweaty in my bulky winter jacket to try the darn thing on. The struggle is REAL, my friends. SO real, in fact, that I’ve somewhat surprisingly dedicated an entire paragraph to the issue. Hashtag Life In The North.

However! There are some winter shopping days that consist of me spotting that one dress that I know will fit, thus eliminating the dressing-room experience entirely. This pretty number from the new Primrose Park Boutique in NE Minneapolis was one of those dresses. I walked into the shop, gawked over how lovely the place was {for real, you guys. so much cuteness in one place}, spotted the dress, purchased the dress, went home with the dress, and the dress and I have been pals ever since. Way to go, Primrose Park!

In other news, Darrin and I dragged our mattress off our bed frame last night and have been sleeping beneath the Christmas tree and Christmas lights in our living room. The Pandora holiday stations have been playing on the daily, and we recently purchased 2 boxes of Kemps Winter Snowmen and Frosty Trees ice cream bars. So. Christmas has arrived over at the Beekman household, and I’ve been burning my favorite holiday candles like a madwoman. Darrin and I are trying to schedule the handful of holiday excursions that we’d like to experience before Christmas: the new Holiday Market in Minneapolis, the lights at Rice Park in St. Paul, a frozen Minnehaha Falls, a Christmas tree farm in Stillwater…Minnesnowta is always booming with holiday cheer. Luckily we’ve stocked up on Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer, and I’m most definitely anticipating a hot cup of Hot Buttered Rum in my near future. Tis the season!

Have a great rest of your day! Glad you stopped by!


  • Reply jennifer prod December 2, 2014 at 8:13 am

    #storyofmylife. i refuse to take a winter coat shopping, and so i’ve become famous for sprinting through parking lots (in a light sweater while it snows) to reach the warmth of beckoning boutiques. i might freeze for a minute or two, but hey – it’s worth it for the normal temps and coat-free-hand-situation that ensures once i enter the store 🙂

  • Reply Carylee December 2, 2014 at 8:15 am

    That dress is so stunning! I love it! And I am jealous of you two sleeping under the tree! I’m lucky to get the husband to help put it up! Oh well! Happy holidays! Carylee | more pieces of me
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  • Reply chy December 3, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    I love the outfit!



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