On the Changing Table

Diaper Changeimg_7887Diaper ChangeDiaper Changeimg_7890Diaper ChangeDiaper changeDiaper Change

We’ve been adjusting to our new life over here. And “new life” is really the only way to describe the changes that take place when one and one is no longer two but three. We’ve had plenty of late nights and long days, trying to uncover our rhythm as a family. I don’t think I’ve showered in three days, and it honestly takes a whole lot of work to be both a human pacifier and bottle. Also, I’m pretty positive that I leave a trail of burp cloths as I move from room to room throughout the day. But we’re all here! Tired, smelly, but together.

Here are a few snapshots from one of our diaper changing parties the other morning. Because a new diaper and a clean butt is certainly worthy of a party. And pictures, I guess. Olivia has yet to poop all over Darrin’s hands as he changes her. I, on the other hand, have already had the pleasure of experiencing that smelly reality. Hello, motherhood!

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  • Reply Shery October 13, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Lovely!!! Thank you too for letting us have a glimpse into your new life! It passes by so quickly and now we get to enjoy watching you both experience this love!!!

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