Ol’ Reliable

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It may have taken me a whole two months, but I finally plugged in that darn vacuum of ours that we intentionally hide in the corner of the bathroom and vacuumed the living room floor. The popcorn kernels peeking out from underneath the couch kept mocking me and my failed domesticity, so it was about time a little house cleaning took place. Of course, after one is finished cleaning and vacuuming and debating about whether or not it’s worth it to scrub down the shower (not worth it FYI), then said cleaner and scrubber-who-refuses-to-scrub deserves to make a major dent in the homemade Chex Mix bag her husband made the night before. Have you ever tried homemade Chex Mix? No? My advice is to try homemade Chex Mix while wearing stretchy pants, sweatpants, no pants, etc. Future You will thank me.

Speaking of homemade food, I’ve been browsing the internet for Christmas dinner recipes. Talk about overwhelming. Once my Pinterest page finally loaded {disconnect…reconnect…disconnect again…you know the drill}, I immediately regretted typing “easy Christmas dinners” in the search bar. So. Many. Recipes. Chicken! Ham! Turkey! Potatoes! Sauces upon sauces upon gravy upon sauces! And we all know that my Christmas meal will look NOTHING like that beautifully garnished Pinterest photo. Can I get an amen? Maybe we’ll just go with tacos. A few tablespoons of Lowry’s seasoning mix along with a bag of already shredded lettuce. The meal I like to call “Ol’ Reliable.”

Speaking of ol’ reliable, you should really head to Old Navy stat and buy this turtleneck sweater if you’re in the market for non-itchy turtleneck sweaters. I’ve officially deemed this Old Navy sweater one of the coziest and softest sweaters that I own. Which means that it’ll probably be worn at least three days in a row before I throw it in the dirty laundry pile. High fives!

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