Nursery Room Playtime

Look at this girl! The string of drool isn’t anything new, but the sitting up! All on her own! She reached out her little hand towards me without falling over and I half expected her to ask me for the car keys. Geeesh do these milestones feel like they take forever to happen, but then once they do, it’s like someone dumped water on your face while you were sleeping and you’re jolted awake thinking how did this happen? where am I? is this real life?  She’s suddenly sitting up on her own! And when I’m not gushing in awe at how big she’s getting, I’m mentally trying to remember how we got to this point.

Most of our afternoons are spent here on the nursery room floor, surrounded by a good many books and toys that to her seem new every hour. No matter how many times we turn each page, the last little piggy always cries “wee wee wee!” and runs all the way home, but at this age, it’s not the story that’s magical but the book itself. With its fascinating colors and pictures and ability to make mom talk in a strange, sing-songy voice every time it opens. I sometimes feel like I’m rediscovering the world with her, trying to decipher what it is about this plush robot that makes her raise her eyebrows and reach for him whenever he’s near. Makes you remember how exciting and magical this world can be.

But I draw the line at baby food. I’ll let Olivia “discover” what mushy green beans and carrots taste like…

Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday!

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