The Now Annual Trip To Lutsen

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This is the second time we’ve spent a week of our summer along the rocky cliffs of Lake Superior with family. We revisited the Cedar Cliff Retreat for the week, a cozy cabin getaway with a pinewood charm and a breathtaking view of the Great Lake. Trip number two certainly didn’t disappoint. As if we needed to be reminded of Northern Minnesota’s beauty, she gifted us with a powerful thunder and lightning storm the first night of our stay. Darrin and I sat safe inside the cabin’s screened porch and watched as the rain pounded and thunder bellowed and lightning illuminated the choppy waters. In between storms, a double rainbow stretched across the lake from one seemingly endless point to another, and we couldn’t help but feel that strange mixture of awe and gratitude that nature tends to prompt.

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And then there were the early mornings sitting on the rocks as our feet dangled over the lake. Sipping hot coffee on the porch. The smell of pine through the windows. A chilly breeze that, let me tell you, was more than  relief from the Minneapolis humidity. And while Darrin and I made sure to find moments to relax throughout the entire trip, all we could think and talk about was next summer’s trip to the north woods. Next summer, when Baby B will be with us to experience our rock skipping competitions, feel the cool lake breeze, splash her toes in the water, and maybe get a bit gooey with the roasted marshmallows.

We’re obviously quite excited. But that time will come! For now, we’re thankful for such a relaxing week away. And I’m already missing these morning lakeside views!

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