Being a Normal Person at Basil’s Restaurant

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Darrin and I spontaneously decided to turn what was supposed to be a quick trip to the downtown FedEx into a semi-fancy lunch date at Basil’s, a charming little restaurant with a balcony that overlooks the hustle and bustle of the IDS Tower and the Marquette Hotel. I usually like to find the menu of a new restaurant online so that I’m prepared for that sometimes stressful but ever consistent question, “And what would you like to order?” In the past, I’ve responded to waiters and waitresses with far too many blank stares or long lists of menu substitutions, so knowing my order even before we venture into the restaurant can be a real stress reliever (therapists and psychologists, feel free to diagnose me). Poor Darrin, however, has dealt with my inability to order something simple from the menu for nearly ten years. He’ll even order a dish that he thinks I’ll enjoy just in case my meal is (in my opinion) less that satisfactory.

I mean, GEEESH. I’m a restaurant headcase.

I’ve already told you about how this pregnancy has screwed with my taste buds, but imagine my picky-eater astonishment (and Darrin’s) when I ordered the grilled lemon chicken sandwich from Basil’s without requesting any changes or substitutions!  None whatsoever! And let me tell you, non-pregnant Grace would have requested certain condiments to be removed. But pregnant Grace is adventurous! A restaurant risk taker! A “let’s see if the baby will like THIS choice” decision maker! I was practically beaming with delight at our waiter after I announced my order, who I’m sure was confused about why I was so passionate about their sandwich selection. Darrin flashed me a “Wow! You’re ordering like a normal person!” smile. And I gave him a “You bet I did, Darebear” grin in response.

Of course, we’ll see if this lasts 5 months from now. But ordering without any substitutions! Being willing to “go with the flow”! Being comfortable with encountering the unexpected! That’s basically motherhood in a nutshell, right?

In other and probably more interesting news, Basil’s has a great weekend lunch selection. Obviously I recommend the grilled lemon chicken sandwich (with french fries DUH). Darrin had the roasted turkey club and gave me a thumbs up when I asked (right after he took a massive bite) how it tasted. And if you can get a table on the balcony that overlooks the IDS Tower plaza, do it. The people watching opportunities are oh so worth it.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  • Tee (that was probably a bit too casual for the Basil’s crowd but oh so comfy): GAP
  • Handbag: c/o Coach

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