No Ordinary Tuesday

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Today’s Tuesday is no ordinary Tuesday, my friends. Today’s Tuesday marks the first Tuesday in a large number of Tuesdays that I’ve been able to see clearly through my glasses. And I mean really clearly. “Crystal clear,” as the saying goes. Somebody find me a magic carpet and a jazz-singing genie because life with my newly cleaned glasses truly is “A Whole New World.” That stubborn layer of filth that I just couldn’t quite clean off each lens is gone! And I owe it all the magical cleaning cloth Darrin brought home from work the other day. I mean TECHNOLOGY THESE DAYS. Twenty-first century WONDERS, you guys.

[hashtag I most definitely should have ordered cleaning cloths months upon months upon months ago…]

In other, probably more important and “newsworthy” news (especially if you just don’t care about the dirty glasses plaguing so many of this world), I recently discovered that I only need ONE (count that, ONE!) more little class before I can start writing my Masters Thesis! Let the high fives, confetti, and celebratory kazoo noises abound! After this spring semester of reading and writing and researching is complete, I’ll be one class away from a full semester of concentrated reading and researching and writing and editing and revising and more reading and researching and editing and revising….


So it might be just a bit more of the same…but hey! At least I’ll be accomplishing it all eyeglass-filth FREE!

[high fives! confetti! celebratory kazoo noises!]

Have a great Tuesday!


  • Reply Holly Edgett March 4, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    The Toray cloth! I love it and talk about it with everyone I see. I think my glasses are cleaner now than when I first bought them!

    • Reply Grace Beekman March 5, 2015 at 11:42 am

      For REAL! Seriously the best thing ever. Aside from cheesecake. 😉

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