The Night Before

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Tomorrow my baby sister Maddie is marrying the man of her dreams, which has got my head spinning with memories and emotions from my own wedding day: excitement, nervousness, deep-seated joy that often made me burst into tears and laugh at the same time. I’ve got plenty of beautiful memories from that entire day, like buttoning up my dress or holding my new husband’s hand, but many of my most vivid memories are from my night before the wedding, sitting next to my two sisters on my parents’ living room couch, overwhelmed with those familiar feelings of both excitement for the next morning and a need to cherish the night before that so often accompany moments of great change. Through teary eyes and sniffling noses, all five of us prayed for the next day and celebrated the little routines of the past: sleeping in the room down the hall, deciding which sister needed the car, sharing a tiny bathroom, laughing our way through Hallmark Channel movies, teasing each other about boys. Sometimes, or most times, celebrating and recognizing the Back Thens is the best way to understand how you’ve reached the impending and exciting Nows.

So, to my beautiful sister Maddie on the eve of her wedding, enjoy every second of today. You may not remember the details of every second, but you sure will remember how every second felt.

And tomorrow, we party.

**All of these beautiful photos from my wedding day were taken by the ever so talented Ali of Alison Lea Photography.


  • Reply Sara January 9, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Beautiful. And perfect advice, it’s so true. Wishing you (& your family) a wonderful day tomorrow.

  • Reply Julie Mænnchen January 10, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    Great pictures 🙂

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