Naptime Buzz Kill

Livy Jean’s first encounter with the Minnesota snow lasted about ten minutes before we decided that her cold nose was looking just a little too much like Rudolph’s for us to stay outside any longer. She greeted her first ever snowfall with a squinty-eyed look of skepticism and a face that said “I woke up from my nap for THIS, Mom?” Yes, Olivia. Stepping out into these Minnesota winters can really kill your warm, post-naptime buzz. But it’s a cold lesson best learned earlier rather than later.

 And fine, I confess that I may have been that “crazy Mom” who was a little too eager to bundle her up like a pink teddy bear and take her out into our backyard wonderland. What are babies for, if not to dress them up in obnoxious winter suits and document the occasion? “They’re only little once…”, they say, which I’ve decided to interpret as Mom-code for “They can’t argue with you yet so quick! Grab the camera and put her in the marshmallow suit before she’s suddenly a teenager.”

So. Olivia’s first encounter with Minne-snow-ta weather. She wasn’t super impressed. Fingers crossed Christmas makes a better impression.

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