Morning Along St. Anthony Falls

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Darrin and I had a slower morning the other day walking along the St. Anthony Falls. We’ve been living in the city for four years, and I’m still surprised by how much is tucked throughout Minneapolis. Surrounding these falls is the Heritage Trail, a two-mile hike that will take walkers down to the shores of the Mississippi.

We chose to stay out of the woods and instead walked along the cobblestones of Main Street, wandering right up to the St. Anthony Falls and standing so close we could feel the river water in the breeze.

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It’s pretty amazing how close you can get to these roaring falls that once helped make Minneapolis the “Flour Milling Capital of the World.” On our walk to the lookout point, Darrin must have ventured a little too closely to a bird and her nest. He was pestered by the squaking and swooping of a momma sparrow making sure that he didn’t have any clever ideas about her and her babies for a surprisingly long duration of our walk. Poor guy even ran ahead to escape her chirping wrath, and I couldn’t help but laugh and nod at the bird in understanding. I mean, I am six months pregnant. Those protective momma bear feelings (or momma bird feelings) have been growing something fierce inside me. Along with baby (#duh).

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I’m sure we’ll be back visiting the falls next summer, but instead of a bump sticking out in front of me, I’ll have a stroller to push. Hopefully the resident bird will be in a better mood by that time. For Darrin’s sake, at least.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, be sure that your walk along the Mississippi River takes you right up to the St. Anthony Falls. I like to come for the view, but I married an engineer, so I also have to endure a somewhat lengthy explanation detailing how and why the falls work.

 I’ll direct you to my dear friend Google if you’re interested in that information. 😉

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