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Aside from the weekly and monthly pregnancy milestones—things like “First trimester is DONE!” or “Baby is now the size of a (insert fruit nobody has ever eaten here)!”—there are a few other “milestones” that are celebrated (or lamented) in secret as that stretch (pun intended) of 9 months progresses. “In secret” maybe for a reason, but what would this blog be without a little TMI? The first time I held my pants together by the fraying threads of a hair tie was at an academic conference this past spring, and every movement demanded that I say a quick prayer and hope that my supportive thread didn’t snap and fly smack dab into someone’s face. When I discovered the start of that dark line that often forms during pregnancy below my belly button, I ran into our living room to show Darrin my strange bodily change, to which he gave me a is-this-normal-? look and said, “Wow…what a cool discovery…” before taking a bite out of his pizza.

Waistband hair ties and newly developing skin marks. All otherwise known as pregnancy milestones, my friends. And the other day I reached another one: I bought myself two pairs of what we all know to be “mom shoes.”

You know. Thick, padded, mall-walking shoes that don’t give a damn about fitting in with the year’s hottest “trends” because goll darn it they were made for hauling car seats and pushing strollers and running to and from soccer practice. All of which can be done without any back pain because THAT is the power of the mom shoes: comfort. And after running errands for a total of 2 hours the other day and feeling a whole lot of back and leg pain, I bought myself two pairs of mom shoes. Another day, another pregnancy milestone accomplished.

Praise the good Lord that designers have made mom shoes to look a bit more stylish these days. Less like you covered your feet in bubble wrap and styrofoam and more like a casual shoe. I’ll be wearing these Aerosoles sandals all summer long, along with this cute pair of Dr. Scholl’s slip-ons. And wouldn’t you know it, the little muscles in my back all just gave a hearty and unanimous “AMEN.”

So three cheers for the mom shoes. A pregnancy and post-pregnancy milestone that for years has allowed moms to kick butt while being comfortable.

Prepare yourself, mom jeans. I’m coming for you next.

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    […] Comfortable Walking Shoes: Because it turns out that pregnancy does not make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. However! A good pair of comfortable walking shoes can certainly help. These Dr. Scholl’s slip-ons are my go-to shoes for running errands…and also just functioning on my feet in general (comes in navy and black too!). P.S. read about my “mom shoes” milestone HERE. […]

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