Minnehaha Falls

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Tucked away near downtown Minneapolis is Minnehaha Park, the city’s oldest park that features along the limestone bluffs and river overlooks a gorgeous and misty waterfall that drops 53 feet. Which is a pretty decent size for a waterfall located about 15 minutes away from downtown, if you ask me.

Big bodies of water, whether they be oceans, lakes, or rivers, tend to make my heart swoon, so I thought that maybe the roaring sounds of the waterfall would somehow magically prompt Baby B’s heart to do that same. A little mother-daughter bonding exercise, you might say. Sure, she was probably asleep during the entire experience, but I’m pretending the little kick she gave me as I neared closer to the water was something along the lines of her offering me a little baby fist bump.

Right on, Baby B.

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As if visiting the falls wasn’t enough, Minnehaha Park also offers visitors some seriously beautiful gardens to walk and trails to bike. There’s even a charming seafood spot (the Sea Salt Eatery) overlooking the falls that has an awesome selection of fish tacos and baskets. Darrin and I walked through the Pergola Garden while a local band blasted dance music from the bandstand, and we vowed to return to try our hand at disc golf on one of the local courses.

A waterfall, disc golf, music, and seafood.  All in one place?

Bravo Minneapolis. You can bet we’ll be back once Baby B arrives. Some things just need to be seen in person.

**P.S. Darrin and I are currently up in Northern Minnesota for the week! Be sure to follow our adventures over on Instagram HERE!**

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