Meet: Science Museum of Minnesota

Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum

Darrin and I ventured over to St. Paul on Saturday for a little trip to the Science Museum. The weather was a bit rainy and humid, so we were happy to escape the storms for a little date night with Science. 

Now, my background is not in the sciences. You could say that being sprayed in the face by dead-frog juices on dissection day eliminated “Science” from my sixth grade list of “Gracie’s Favorite Subjects in School.” But Darebear loves science, and I love that he loves science and loves telling me why and how the human body is utterly mind-blowing. We had a great afternoon wandering around the museum while the thunderstorms rolled through outside. The Science Museum has a variety of different floors and galleries that are riddled with interactive games and activities and experiments that help bring those old science textbooks to life.

Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum

The museum is definitely a “family friendly” museum. Whenever Darrin would start an interactive science game, at least three or four elementary school kids would gather behind him to watch what would happen. Or course, whenever started an interactive science station, at least three or four elementary school kids would take over and push me aside so they could show me how it’s done….I guess I’m just not as “cool” as Darrin, when it comes to all things science. Either that or I’m just easy to push around…Minnesota has some tall 4th graders….hashtag short girl problems.

Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum Science Museum

As busy as that Saturday afternoon was, Darrin and I really did have an awesome time wandering from floor to floor of the museum. I learned a lot of random and important facts that Darrin would clarify and explain in further detail {whether I wanted him to or not… 😉 }. The Science Museum is currently showing a whole lot of massive dinosaur bones, and, while I may not enjoy science as much as my handsome-but-nerdy husband, I am a major fan of The Land Before Time…so obviously the dinosaurs were a “must-see”. Those guys just don’t disappoint. Also, can we take a moment to admire my lazy eye in the picture directly above? How nice.

Science Museum Sometimes Gracefully Science Museum

So if you’re in the “science mood” and have a free afternoon, check out the Science Museum! You may want to “pre-game” your trip by watching a few of The Land Before Time movies…just so your head is in the right place… 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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  • Reply Kelsey July 1, 2014 at 11:52 am

    SO FUN! I want to go there so bad. I never made it to the “body exhibit” but I think I may have freaked out if I did. All about the dinos though! I love the hand pic. So great 🙂

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