Meet: A Night With the Minnesota United FC

Here at the Beekman household, the majority of our Saturday and Sunday afternoons are spent doing research while watching some kind of football game. And when I say “doing research,” I actually mean sitting on the couch with our unopened textbooks and computers in our laps, begging to be read but never actually utilized. It’s a tradition, you might say. A football watching tradition that I inherited after I married a major Minnesota sports fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about neglecting copious amounts of reading in order to watch some good ol’ “futbol Americano.” The game heavily relies on strategy and precision and strength and the ability to come up with some kind of memorable celebration dance. I’m all about those memorable celebrations dances. Got a few of my own that I’d like to incorporate into my daily routine:

Successfully tossed my dirty sock into the laundry bin! Celebration dance.

Didn’t burn my tongue on a piece of frozen pizza! Celebration dance.

Autumn candles! Celebration dance.

But I digress. Heavily.

Sometimes Gracefully MN 10 Sometimes Gracefully MN 9 Sometimes Gracefully MN 5 Sometimes Gracefully MN Sometimes Gracefully MN 6 Sometimes Gracefully MN 7

American football is sweet. But I love the sport the rest of the world a bit more logically calls “football.” Or futbol. Or fútbol. Or fußball {took me forever to find that funky letter…thanks Germany}. Darrin has been sharing my love for soccer for quite some time, so we decided to spend last Saturday night at the National Sports Center watching the Minnesota United FC with my baby sister and her soon-to-be husband. Soccer on television in the States can be somewhat tough to find, unless you’ve got the right cable channels {FYI: poor graduate students living on love do not have the right cable channels}, so it was awesome to sit in the stands, armed with some local food truck food and a cup of hot chocolate with Baileys. As the good Lord would have it, the match we attended was on “Zubaz Night,” which opened my eyes to the Zubaz culture that is still very much alive over here in Minnesota. I guess society just refuses to pull a Taylor Swift and completely “shake off” the Zubaz trend…kind of like Linus and his blanket…or something.


Sometimes Gracefully MN 4 Sometimes Gracefully MN 3 Sometimes Gracefully MN 1 Sometimes Gracefully MN 8 Sometimes Gracefully MN 2

Thanks to Darrin and his Ticketmaster talents  {alliteration. boom.}, we had great seats for the match, and my sister’s fiancé came pretty close to catching a free t-shirt that was launched into the stands. We tried resenting the little boy who actually caught the flying shirt…but he was just too darn cute and having the time of his life under the stadium lights, so we figured we’d save our hard feelings for someone a bit more deserving. 😉 Darrin and I sat in front of some local college’s Gossip Girls, so we’re all caught up on the drama taking place between Mike and Becky {OMG} and the glares Kristy gave Sarah last week during class. The nerve. We took bites from our chicken quesadillas and gyros in between drama stories as the game played in front of us.  Who needs reality television, am I right?!

It was so much fun cheering on the team, chanting the fight songs {the Minnesota United has a ragtag band that shows up to every game, you guys….where can I find one for my own personal use?!}, yelling at the referee, sipping spiked hot chocolate, and keeping cozy on a chilly autumn night. Playoffs for the top seeded Minnesota United {hashtag brag moment} start next weekend, so I’m hoping Darrin and I make it to more of their games this year. Maybe before we know it, we’ll be in England watching an official English Premiere League match…{!!!}…until then, we’ll be showing a whole lot of love to our Minnesota team!

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