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Life in Minnesota has been downright freezing. The eyes watering, fingers burning, constantly questioning your life’s purpose as you walk to your car kind of freezing. Winter can just sometimes be a major fill-in-the-blank-with-something-horrible to the face.

So what do we do here in Minnesota when we can’t afford to impulsively jet off to a warmer climate? How do we satisfy our need for colorful hues and floral fragrances in the midst of a winter hell hole wonderland?

We head to the Como Park Conservatory of course.

Conservatory 12 Conservatory 10 Conservatory 11 Conservatory 9 Conservatory 13 Conservatory 8 Conservatory 7 Conservatory 5 Conservatory 6 Conservatory 4 Conservatory 2 Conservatory 3

The Conservatory maintains an amazing variety of plant life throughout the year, which also means that the temperature of each garden room makes you forget all about those fluffy snowflakes falling outside. My dad and I spent our free afternoon physically avoiding the cold reality that is February in Minnesota and wandered through each garden, reminding ourselves of what “color” looked like and enjoying every ounce of humidity the “Tropical Encounters” garden had to offer.

I’m no gardening expert (go to plant? cactus), but people tell me that it’s important to “stop and smell the roses” once in a while. Of course, that can be a real drag when those roses are buried beneath a mound of snow. So three cheers for beautiful places like the Como Park Conservatory! Reminding bitter Minnesotans like me that there one day will be some kind of summer here in the North Star State.

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