Maternity Florals and a Full Weekend

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Our weekend was quite the blur of ceremonies and celebrations and family parties, all of which were scheduled over the course of two very tiring but incredibly enjoyable days that brought nothing but good memories and beautiful summer sunshine. On Saturday morning, I forced my swollen pregnancy feet into a pair of cute heels and walked across a gymnasium stage (after standing and walking and sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair for FAR too long) to officially receive my Master’s Degree in English. And I did not lose my center of gravity and fall flat on my face, a threat that is becoming oh so VERY real as my stomach continues to grow. Graduated! With a master’s degree! And feeling darn good about it too.

We celebrated graduations, birthdays, and job milestones all weekend long, and I couldn’t help but think about how Darrin and I will soon be bringing Baby B to all these family events in the near future. How much work it will be but oh how much I’m looking forward to that work. We’ll be lugging a car seat and an over-packed diaper bag (among other necessities) from household to party to ceremony to household, making sure Baby B is working as a baby should and double checking that we brought enough baby wipes to keep up with her spontaneous bodily functions. We’ll see how much crying and burping and pooping she does during Darrin’s doctoral ceremony next spring. 😉

At our last appointment, our midwife suggested that we take a tour of the delivery center sometime soon. Check out all of the fancy showers and tubs and rooms and amenities the place has to offer. Darrin voiced his hope that we’ll have a room that overlooks a view of the Minneapolis skyline…to which I just stared at him. Sure, I’ll be suffering through painful contraction after painful contraction but SO GLAD WE CAN SEE MINNEAPOLIS FROM OUR WINDOW.


But I’ve got an entire Minnesota summer to make it through before we get to that point. Thankfully ASOS continues to make cute maternity dresses (like THIS one) that my already heated body will be loving all summer long.

Stay cool, folks!

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