Matching (In More Ways Than One)

So. Six point five months later, Olivia and I have finally started to adopt that whole “matching” trend that she’ll look back on when she’s older with embarrassment and mom-you’re-such-a-weirdo-I-can’t-believe-we-matched-so-much regret. Really, it’s a passage that all mothers must go through. She may not look a whole lot like me, having taken basically ALL of my recessive genes (hello fair skin, strawberry hair, and blue eyes), but that doesn’t mean we can’t match. I’m convinced that God gave me a daughter so that she could 1) remind me every fall not to get bangs because of how much I hate growing them out, and 2) compliment my wardrobe with a matching wardrobe of her own.

(Well okay…there are other, much more important reasons. But I’m adding those two to the list.)

So. Here we are. Me in this very old, seafoam green workout shirt because I live in casual workout tees now, and Olivia in a seafoam green and grey combination of her own. Not sure if I would’ve pegged seafoam green as “our” color, but here we are.

In other, more exciting news, this little squish has started working on her first tooth as of yesterday! I could feel the sharp little bugger poking through her baby gums, and her demeanor had me quite convinced that the whole ordeal was painful. Poor baby. We read lots of books while she went to town on a frozen teething ring. But her first tooth! One step closer to being able to chomp her way through her very own burrito bowl like a champ.

Is it a coincidence that on the very day we decide to match Olivia starts growing teeth? It must be a sign! That she looooves to match. In both outfit choices and in smiles. 😉

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