If You Had To Play Mario Kart in Heaven…

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I’ve always been a Mario Kart kind of girl. Growing up, my baby sisters and I would spend our rainy summer afternoons in our basement playing Mario Kart. I’d always try to quickly snag Yoshi as my driver. Maddie liked playing with Toad because he cried “I’m the best!” whenever he finished firstΒ {and she won too many of those races, if ya ask me…not bitter at all}. Baby Sophie ended up with whatever characterΒ Maddie and meΒ persuaded her to choose. It was more often than not a character that was incredibly slow or difficult to control {Donkey Kong…Princess Peach….}. What can I say? Older sibling rivalry and manipulation at its finest.

Sometimes Gracefully

I was just thinking about Mario Kart in conjunction with that classic “ice breaker” question “Who are the four important people from history that you’d like to meet and have dinner with in Heaven?”, and I just hate that question. I hate a lot of ice breaker questions, but I find this one particularly boring. And stressful.Β If I’m going to meet anybody famous in Heaven, I’m sure as hell heaven not going to simply invite them to dinner. Talk about pressure, am I right? I mean, what kind of meal do you cook for William Shakespeare? Probably not something simple like tacos, right? And then there’s the whole “talking with spinach between your teeth” possibility threatening every bite…I’m just not a fan of the stress and pressure of that whole situation. I’d much rather reformat the question so that it incorporated Mario Kart. I’m convinced that every important historical figure who had any kind of moral compass would have loved or did love Mario Kart. And obviously the Lord loves Mario Kart. I mean, duh.

Sometimes Gracefully

So, what four historical figures would like to race in a heavenly game of Mario Kart? If I’m hoping to take first place in the race, I guess I’d probably invite a group of directionally challenged explorers {i.e. Christopher Columbus…}. Although, that might make the race a little too easy. I suppose inviting Abraham Lincoln is kind of a “token” answer. Everybody picks Abraham Lincoln…but then again, everybody picks William Shakespeare, and the bard is definitely on my list. So here goes. In no particular order:

  1. Shakespeare
  2. George Washington
  3. Queen Victoria
  4. Jane Austen

For some reason, I think Jane and George might get along rather nicely on the race track. Obviously we’d have to rotate controllers, because Mario Kart is a 4 person game. What about you? What 4 historical figures would you want to play against in Mario Kart?

And this concludes Tuesday’s “random food for thought.”

P.S. The floral dress I’m wearing above is darn old, but there are some of my favorite spring dresses listed below! Three cheers for floral print!

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  • Reply jennifer prod March 25, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    oh grace, i love how your mind works – i’m just scrolling along reading about mario cart and then bam – dinner in heaven as though it’s an every day question. haha. i’ve never thought about it before, but i guess i would say:

    1. ellen degeneres
    2. mindy kaling
    3. anna quindlen
    4. my grandpa & jon? does that count? they never met, so yeah.. that’d be the best πŸ™‚

  • Reply Theresa March 26, 2014 at 12:38 am

    My siblings and cousins always convinced me to pick someone slow. That is what I get for being the baby of the family.
    My four would be:
    1. Collin Firth
    2.Teddy Roosevelt
    3. John Wayne
    4.L.M. Montgomery

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