Less-Than-Graceful Moment: Same Siders

Sometimes Gracefully Monday

Happy Monday! Hopefully you survived the holiday weekend! Darrin and I spent ours with family, turning Christmas cookies into evening meals and finishing a few more upcoming wedding to-dos. Two weeks, folks. Two weeks of last minute planning and organizing and coffee guzzling until the winter wedding of 2015 arrives. There’ll be smiling; there’ll be laughing; there’ll be crying. I’m just praying that my Matron of Honor speech doesn’t cause me to “ugly cry” in front of the 200 or so friends and family of my sister and her fiancé.  Wheezing and snorting while tears smear away all of the makeup you spent an hour applying before the ceremony would sure be one memorable moment I hope to avoid. Maybe the bride and groom will be too enamored and googly-eyed with each other and festivities that they won’t even notice my broken sentences and obnoxious wails of love and joy for the happy couple…we can only hope…

Speaking of love and happiness and googly-eyed couples, Darrin and I took a break from our Christmas leftovers the other night and went out for hot date night at the nearby Chili’s. We were seated in a booth, ordered a basket of homemade chips and salsa, and were enjoying our appetizer when another couple entered our section of the restaurant and were led to the booth right behind ours. They chose to sit on the same side of their booth. He slid in and she followed. ON THE SAME SIDE. Just the two of them. Sitting on the same side of the booth. Staring at me.

That’s weird, right? Why can’t they sit on the opposite sides of the booth? Can they not part from each other under ANY circumstances? Is the barrier created between them by the restaurant table just too much for them to bear {and isn’t that juuuust a bit unhealthy}? WHY must she sit right next to him? Wouldn’t there be confusion concerning elbow placement? Is it more comfortable to literally “rub shoulders” with the person you invited to dinner? What about the neck pain created from constantly turning your head to courteously face the other individual? What if the waiter thinks that they’re waiting for one or two more of their friends? Do they respond to his “Are you waiting on two more?” with “No, we just prefer the same side…” WHY does this weird me out so much?

I can’t be alone on this. When you’re a party of two, are you a “same sider”? Or do you prefer to sit on the opposite side of the booth?

Well, the “same siders” Darrin and I encountered on our romantic date a restaurant chain apparently thought it would be cute to not only snuggle up on the same side of the booth but to also feed each other homemade tortilla chip after homemade tortilla chip. How awkward for everybody trying to enjoy the dinner they paid for “cute.” I guess…

Hope you have a great start to your week!




  • Reply Les Gutierrez December 29, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    i agree with you!
    that oddly bugs me! eat on your side.

    i went to grab some dinner the other night by myself and the couple next to me would grab a spoonful of soup and then kiss.
    we were eating pho! and depending on what you get, you can have some funky breath.

    finally i leave and low and behold they are in the car in front of me. faces glued to each other while he was driving.

    im all for love and what not but geesh!!!!

    • Reply Grace Beekman December 29, 2014 at 5:49 pm

      Oh my! That’s so crazy! Cool it, people! Haha!

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