Less-Than-Graceful Moments!

Sometimes Gracefully Monday

Happy Monday! Darrin and I took a quick trip down to Iowa for the weekend to visit our sisters and catch up with old friends. Sure, we may have spent most of our weekend driving in the car, but we left Minneapolis prepared for the journey with a few of our roadtrip necessities packed in the backseat: Chex Mix, energy drinks, and a whole lot of chocolate. A new Taylor Swift hit played on the radio at least once every hour {so. many. dance. parties.}, and we even stopped at the nearest outlet mall to finish {YES! FINISH!} our Christmas shopping.

But here are a few less-than-graceful moments to get this week started!

  1. Falling asleep on your husband’s shoulder can be a pretty sweet and romantic moment riiiiight on up until the moment you start drooling on your husband’s shoulder. I’ll tell ya right now that drool ruins pretty much any romantic moment or gesture.
  2. You know you’re having a bad Monday when you forget to put on deodorant and then realize that you forgot to put on deodorant in a very public and crowded place. My apologies to everybody who was near me in that cramped Target cereal aisle.
  3. In order to save a few cents {hellooooo graduate student budget}, Darrin and I crammed one of our huge loads of dirty laundry into one of our apartment’s community washing machines last week. We stuffed that machine to the MAX, hoping that we could get by with paying for only one wash rather than three. We shoved our laundry inside, slammed the machine door shut, paid the fee, started the machine, and then watched as water from that machine began to leak through the cracks of the machine door and onto the floor. Apparently those “Fill To This Line” set of directions stickered onto each washing machine are more than just “decoration”…
  4. Stood in front of my Christmas tree for about ten whole minutes trying to take one of those cool “blurry Christmas tree” photos. TEN. MINUTES. The camera lens on my phone would bluuuuurr…then focus. Bluuuuurrr…then focus. I have about one bajillion pictures of my Christmas tree perfectly focused. And I have about one bajillion seconds of my life wasted trying to capture a blurry Christmas tree photo. Hashtag Instagram problems.

On that note, how was your weekend? 10 days left until Christmas! But who’s counting? 😉


  • Reply rebecca December 15, 2014 at 4:50 am

    Hahah…. I have had a similar week. I know your pain! Only in 10 days time we can both sit back, relax and eat yummy fooood! Bec x

  • Reply Lindsay Truax December 15, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    What we won’t do for a good photo image!!


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