Less-Than-Graceful Moments!

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Monday! The last Monday of July. By this time next week, we’ll be cruising through August with July in our rear view window. And I’ll be mildly freaking out about how quickly this summer has gone by.

Darrin and I spent our Sunday afternoon at Target Field, watching a little baseball and getting a whole lot of sunburnt. Here are a few less-than-graceful moments brought to you by our time at the ballpark!

  1. I tried to be a dedicated and attentive fan at the game. I watched every pitch closely. Cheered at the double plays. Jeered at the opposing pitcher who kept hitting our players with the ball. Even ordered an ice cream sundae served in a tiny plastic baseball hat (sooo festive). But sure. The one play that I miss and decide to simply cheer loudly because the crowd was cheering loudly just haaaaaas to be a home run. For the opposing team. Thanks a lot, Yankees fans. Now everyone in section 224 knows that I’m faking all this baseball knowledge. GREAT.
  2. When you’re trying to make your way through the crowds to the restroom but the crowds aren’t moving and you start grumbling about how crowds are the worst and complaining to your husband about the lack of movement forward and vowing to yourself to never again attend a hot and crowded event….only to realize that you’re accidentally waiting in a hot dog line. #facepalm
  3. Darrin and I spent WAY too much time searching for our car in the parking garage after the game. We wandered down one aisle, then down another, then across the parking garage, then back again, searching and searching and hitting the panic button that apparently doesn’t work when you’re actually in a “panic.” I thought to my dehydrated self, this is it. We’ll be in this parking garage forever. I’m going to die in this parking garage. My last moments on this earth will be spent next to concrete pillars that are speckled with bird poop and smell like urine. But then we found our car! And we went home! And I drank a huuuuuge glass of water.
  4. Came home from the game with a massive sunburn across my legs and knees, thanks to the tight ballpark seating. There’s nothing quite like a romantic night sitting on your living room couch, rubbing sticky green aloe gel across your legs and watching it slowly soak into your dark red skin. #marriage

Hope you enjoy your Monday! You’ll find me here. Nursing my sunburn with ice cubes and gobs of aloe gel. You’ve been great, July, but I sure am ready for some cooler August weather.

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