Less-Than-Graceful Moments!

Sometimes Gracefully

Happy Monday! Hopefully your weekend was riddled with fun autumn colors and fall activities! I accomplished a whole lot and a whole little this weekend. Accomplishment #1: Bought a new candle that makes a crackling sound as it burns through the wick (much to Darrin’s annoyance and my “boy-do-I-love-the-sound-of-a-bonfire” enjoyment). Accomplishment #2: Took an autumn walk around the neighborhood with Darrin and did not scream like a small child upon discovering a bug in my ear. Accomplishment #3: Rocked with streets of Minneapolis at my sweet cousin’s bachelorette party without tripping in my heels. An obvious sign of a good night. Of course, in order to accomplish all of these extraordinary tasks, I may have tossed a few of my other to-dos on the backburner (i.e. laundry, cleaning the apartment, homework, running the dishwasher, cooking in general…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera..). But hey! There’s always next weekend.

Here are a few less-than-graceful moments from the past week!

  1. The frat boy buying a 12-pack of beer and a bag of cheese puffs at the grocery store and I looked super cute as we stood in the checkout line wearing the same zip-up hoodie. I wanted to lean over and whisper Twinsies! before he started paying for his groceries, but I figured that his embarrassment was probably even greater than mine, so I refrained. Who knew I had such an eye for frat house fashion? :p
  2. Speaking of the grocery store, here is a list of the groceries Darrin and I bought for this week: dark roast coffee, 5 hour energy bottles, aaaaaaaand bacon. We might have more in common with Mr. Frat Boy than I thought…
  3. I must have a sign on my forehead that reads “If you’re conducting a job interview at this coffee shop, please sit at the table next to me.” Or maybe I give off a “I’d love to awkwardly listen to your interview questions and answers and strange small talk” vibe. Whatever the case, what makes this situation even worse is my inability to separate my emotions from the range of emotions experienced throughout the interview process taking place next to me. I start feeling nervous and anxious about the next question the interviewer is going to ask. I brainstorm my own responses in my head and compare them to the responses of the applicant. I even started sweating the other day and had to tell myself, Keep it together! You are not being interviewed! You did not bring an extra stick of deodorant to this coffee shop! What. Is. Wrong. With. Me.
  4. While I may not have embarrassingly tripped while wearing my bachelorette party heels, I did accidently lock myself in one of the local bar’s bathroom stalls. I’m sure the lady next in the classically long line for the women’s restroom thought I was some kind of idiot unable to work a bathroom stall door. She, unfortunately, was correct. I gave it the old “Ha…that’s a tricky door!” on my way to the sink, which made me look real cool. {Face palm}.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend! I’ll be spending today working from home, enjoying the crackling sounds from my autumn spice candle, and probably consuming a whole lot of coffee and bacon. Do your worst, Monday.

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  • Reply Wild Hearts + Green Tea October 7, 2014 at 2:43 am

    #3 is so funny; I’m definitely the kind of person to actually lean in and quite openly eavesdrop!

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